Insta: @sophia.vitko
Twitter: @ArtVitko
Foundation: @nftinity
Sophia Vitko
Abstract painter, NFT artist

Soul Time
Soul time in eternal Golden Skyscrapers land...
Sixth Sense
This familiar sense of a guesstimate from inside that we call intuition or sixth sense, or maybe it’s just a mixture of guesswork and calculation...
Soul never sleeps, that's why we are seeing dreams. And we also watching dreams even we are not asleep
Chatting with the Moon
A quiet moment under the dome of starry night…
Subtle Planet
About our planet, strong and subtle simultaneously
Reincarnated to new life
Artist Statement
I believe that art should spark imagination and transfer the viewer into the realm of infinite possibilities that are yet not defined. Abstraction is perfect for conveying this message. It frees the viewer from reality. My digitally manipulated abstract paintings invite you to experience the richness of colors, textures, shapes and unlock your infinite imagination